Winter Camping Tips

Sleeping outdoors over night for a few consecutive nights is not an easy feat to accomplish without experiencing frostbite or hypothermia or, at the very least, extreme discomfort.

If you think the cold temperatures when you go snowmobiling during the day is uncomfortable, you better believe that the night hours are worse without the warm sun beaming down on you.

As tough as winter camping may seem, it can still be a very fun and adventurous time as long as you make sure to take some precautions.

Don’t get caught up in all the excitement of a winter excursion too early as there is plenty of planning that is necessary.

Number one in your planning agenda should be to scope out the region you plan to visit and get a good idea of how the winter weather is like in the area so you can properly prepare yourself.

You may want to gather information such as the average amount of snow you should expect as well as how the routes that you may or may not want to take look like. Knowing the experience of the other campers in your group should be a must as well.

If you plan to camp overnight in a winter camping excursion, you need to be able to make the necessary preparations for your entire group including any small children with minimal experience that may make the trip with you.

Camping overnight in the cold winter seasons can and will cause your body to lose a lot of it’s self-generated body-heat. This can pose as a very dangerous situation if you don’t take the necessary steps from the very beginning.

Thermal clothing is a must when you snowmobile during the days and afternoons and they play a very important role when you plan to camp in cold weather as well.

You may also want to use the layering method which is exactly as it sounds. Wear several layers of clothing to better insulate your body.

The great advantage of layering is the ease that it provides you when you need to remove clothing if your body overheats. A sweating body tends to dehydrate faster than a dry body.

Finally, no overnight camping trip would be complete without an ample amount of food for everybody in the group. A popular treat among campers is smores, but campers should also include foods that provide a better degree of nourishment.

Since appetites lessen during cold weather, the food you take with you should be appealing so you are sure to get enough nutrition to keep you moving throughout the day.

Oatmeal, granola, cheese, and other dry foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals is a must for winter camper.

The enjoyment of a snowmobiling and winter camping experience rests on the campers’ abilities to plan and pack properly. Do it correctly and it can be the best trip of your life; until next year, of course.

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