What to take camping when it is wet out

Camping is a lot of work, regardless of the weather or the environment. Some people enjoy camping when it is wet because it adds an extra element of adventure. Other people are simply used to camping when it is wet because they live in climates that are prone to wetness. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, it wasn’t unusual to get rained on when camping, regardless of the time of year. Still, the right equipment and preparations can “make or break” the camping experience. Here are a few thoughts on what to take camping when it is wet out.


Dealing with a wet camping experience starts with clothing. The most obvious is a rain jacket, which keeps out the water. Depending on the climate, some go with a simple water-resistant windbreaker while others go with a heavier jacket for warmth. A gortex jacket can be more expensive but it can be well worth it for comfort if the weather is particularly unpleasant. People also need to be prepared with rain pants that cover down to their boots. In addition, people should have proper footwear that are waterproof and can navigate through wet terrain, mud, and moving water. Finally, campers should be ready with something to cover their backpack in case their pack isn’t waterproof. This way their contents stay protected from the elements.


The other key part of preparing for wet camping is shelter. This includes a tent that can repel water or a tent with a rain fly. Also, people should be prepared with a tent that has a tarp-like bottom. Or, they should pack a tarp so they can place their tent on a wet or muddy surface. Keeping the water out is very important because there is nothing more miserable than being wet and cold in a tent that does not protect you from the elements.


People eat a variety of things when they camp. Sometimes it is prudent to pack food that requires little or no cooking. The reason is that building a fire or getting a stove going may be problematic if the weather is uncooperative. Sometimes people can get a portable stove going even in bad weather, but if there is a chance this might not happen, the food should be such that no preparation is needed. This isn’t as fun, but people do have to eat.

Preparing for wet weather can be an extra challenge for camping. Other pieces of equipment include extra clothes, waterproof matches, hand-warmers, and extra plastic to cover whatever needs to be protected. Wet camping can still be fun, but people should not venture out unaware and unprepared. Getting ready for multiple scenarios can make the difference between camping fun and camping misery.

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