What Is the Best Emergency Survival List?

A well-prepared emergency survival list can help you survive a disaster or emergency situation that you may confront anytime. This becomes even more important for the outdoor enthusiasts who spend their days outside, away from the comforts of home. Be it camping, hunting, hiking or any other activity, these people are often exposed to more challenging obstacles. Hence, they are required to carry with them emergency survival kits that could help them to survive even in unfavorable situations.

A fully equipped kit can help individuals reduce the risks that cause threat to their life. The right kit is one which contains all the essential tools and supplies that you may need in difficult situations. To ensure that you have all the required items with you, make sure you consider several factors like the climate that you will be exposed to as well as the topography of the place where you intend to go.

Best Emergency Survival List

Though the contents of such an essential pack may vary a little, depending upon the above mentioned factors (climate and topography), there are some items that every kit must have, irrespective of the type of the activity chosen and weather patterns of the area you’re exploring. Following are the most important components that an emergency survival list must include:

Shelter Items: This should include tents, tarps and rope. Besides these items you must also make sure to take sleeping bags, and foam mats with you.

Food And Water: The essential items list must contain food and water. While for food it is better to carry canned or dehydrated food that don’t require cooking, for water you can carry a personal sized bottle and also some water purification tablets.

First Aid Or Medical Supplies: An emergency survival list must include medicines and first aid items. These essential stuffs will ensure you successfully handle any illness or minor injury that you may suffer on your trip.

Tools To Procure Food: Apart from having the food items you must also keep tools for procuring food like fishing hook foldable knives etc. When there is shortage of food supply these tool like will help you procure food.

Signal Rescuers:
Any emergency survival kit is incomplete without signaling items. Be it signal mirrors or plastic whistles, you must ensure you have some signal rescuers with you where ever you go.

Guiding Tool: A compass or other direction showing tools must be included at your emergency survival list. This will guide you to find right directions and hence help you to reach your destination.

Fire Starting Tools: Matches, lighters, flints and other fire creating items must be added to such a vital pack. You must go for the items that are more compact and can be used for long.

Utensils: Essential cooking utensils like cooking pots and eating plates should be included in the list of important items. Make sure to carry pots and other utensils that are light in weight and small in size.

There are several other vital items that you need to add to your emergency survival list. they are :

1) Water storage and carrying containers

2) Water filters and/or filters for purification

3) Light sources like flashlights and candles

4) Rain gear and warm outerwear

5) Sanitation and cleaning supplies

6) Hygiene products

7) Comfortable and durable shoes and several pairs of socks

8) Walkie-talkie radios with solar chargers

Above mentioned are some general essential tools and items that an emergency survival kit must contain. Depending on the situation you’re going to set off for, there could be some other items required.

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