Victorinox Swiss Army Knives From Switzerland

For all those MacGyver fans out there Switzerland is not just all about chocolate and amazing scenery. Rather there is another great invention to have risen from the land of the snow capped Alps which makes them its fan and that is the concept of Swiss army knives.

Swiss army knives are personalized totally and they are absolutely terrific. They have amazing features. The whole tool box can be fitted into a small packet looking like a large key chain and remain entirely practical.

The starting of the Victorinox factory by Karl Elsner in the year 1884 was the cause for the invention of the Swiss army knife. He had worked in Paris and Germany as part of his apprenticeship, and then started his own cutlery shop where he employed the use of grinding and polishing machine which required a waterwheel.

The easy to carry Swiss army knife was designed in 1891. During this time Karl introduced his invention to the Swiss army who patented two of his creations. One was the Sports knife and the other was Swiss Officers Knife.

In the initial years it was Karl’s company alone that was contracted to supply the Swiss Army with these knives. In time the contract was then being shared among Victorinox and Wenger. Following an agreement between the two companies Victorinox was given the complete rights to advertise the old school original Swiss Army Knife.

In 1909 Karl selected the emblem consisting of the cross and a shield. Even today the emblem holds value in terms of quality knives produced by Vitorinox. The name of the company came from Karl’s mothers name Victoria.

The name Victorinox was given by Karl who named the product after his mother and added the French term for stainless steel, ‘inox’, to it. This was done by Karl in his mothers memory after her death.

The Swiss Officers Knife was openly being sold at army stores following World War 2 to the American soldiers. The term Officers knife was dropped and as the quantity of sales multiplied the knife became famous as the Swiss Army Knife and is till date referred to as such.

Victorinox was so productive that it took over Wenger after a period of time. These days their products are being used by astronauts, mountaineers and ocean explorers. They have also come up with concepts of many different products like professional knives, household knives, watches, clothing, luggage which has only added up to their popularity.

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