Tsavo National Park Teeming With Wildlife

Tsavo East is one of the arguably exciting of the Kenya’s national parks, it is today’s the showcase of what the good management can do. The park has around 11,000 elephants today. Much of the park is accessible by road. It’s also the area where the black rhinos are. The park is vibrant green and red that famous red of Tsavo that gives its co lour to famous red elephant found here. In the park, you can see the “Big Tusker” with its big tusk reaching the ground such that he has to walk with his head held high. The red “Big Tusker”, usually strolls through the plains to the waterhole where the herd of elephants drinks. He gambols in it then chases the young male elephants out of the territory. Tsavo East is the only park that saw its fortunes fall as the park got swept in the tide of poaching, but currently things are upswing. The lodge is built on the escarpment overlooking the plains of Tsavo and the Yatta plateau. It’s in the process of being modernized to suit today’s clientèle. Also at the park, you can see waterholes teem with life in the course of two days at the lodge, you can see elephants surrounding you – from everywhere –at breakfast, lunch, dinner or in the floodlit plains in the middle of the night.The rising sun spreads its sheen of co lour in the sky and lion’s roar carriers through the plains. Lioness sit at the waterhole watching the sun rising. Lioness rises its trunk sniffing the air, as it gets closer then confronting the massive animal land walks away Watching thick chocolate – coloured water from the Athi and Tsavo mixing together not far way into Galana / Sabaki .

Some of the best tourist lodges at Tsavo East are

voi Safari Lodeg: It is one of the most beautifully designed lodges and popular wildlife lodges in Kenya. Being in total harmony with its setting and cut into the legd of a craggy cliff above a waterhole, with magnificent panaormas over the savannay. the waterhole is also regulary visited by large herds o f plains game and elephants. The facilities include a wide selection of rooms all with views of the waterhole, restaurant,, swimiing pool and air strip.(kws,2003).

Galdessa Safari Camp: is a luxury lodge that has an inclination to eco-tourism and offers a selection of eight thatched-roofed ‘Bandas’ two of which are suites. Facilities and features include a restaurant, bar, gift shop and a wide array of walking safaris.

Satao Camp is another luxury 20 tent camp built in a half circle around a waterhole also visited by elephants and occasionally by lions and a selection of game it has a diverse platform for nature walks . It is approximately 45 kilometers form both Buchuma and Voi gates(kws,2003)

Tsavo is also known as the land of the Baobab because the huge trees grow in such numbers in this region. They seem to thrive in the climatic conditions of Tsavo and one of the longest living trees. They can grow upto 20 meters high and 5 meters in diameter. According to an African legend the Baobab was cursed by the maker as it once used to hold water in its trunk but since it was selfish and would not sahre the water with other creatures during the dry season it was forced to live upside down.

Some of the special campsites in Tsavo East include Durusirkale, Itumba, Makoka and Ndiandasa

Therefore its good to have an adventure to Tsavo park and enjoy the Kenya’s wildlife.

Only a visit to these parks, campsites and lodges can ensure that you expereince nature in its true sense.

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