Travel Destinations: Powell River, B.C. Canada

Powell River, is located on the west coast of British Columbia Canada. This seaside community is a favorite destination for families and adventure seekers. You will find a wide variety of outdoor activities to do here.

Although Powell River is considered part of the mainland of British Columbia, it takes two ferry rides from Vancouver to reach this destination. Powell River is the ancestral home of the Sliammon First Nation people.

This town, is known for its cultural life. You will find many bed and breakfasts while staying here as well as places to set up a tent and camp. The main beach area provides year long access for campers. Outdoor activities include camping, hiking the many trails, and kayaking..

You will find many areas to fish and places to charter a boat for the day. Scuba diving is another popular activity around this area. Powell Lake provides excellent opportunities for recreational boaters. Many lakes and other quiet places can be found for campers and other people wanting to get away from the big city. Golf is also another popular activity. A mini golf course can be found with great ice cream afterwards. Mountain biking trails can be found everywhere for cycle fans. These trails can also be walked and many lead down to the sea for seashell gathering. Picnic areas and swimming spots like Mowat Bay Park can be found.

One great destination spot is Inland Lake. This lake features a trail that can be walked which goes around the entire lake. The whole trail is about 13km. It provides a great hike but be sure to bring water and a snack with you. Washrooms can be found along the trail too.

Powell River has British Columbia’s only national historical district. This features a group of homes and structures built around 1910-1930. They can be find in the townsite area of town.

There are many places to visit in Powell River including the historical museum and the Sliammon fish hatchery. Valentine mountain provides a place for climbers. Visitors to the top get a good view of the town and surrounding waters and the climb is not too hard. Powell River is also the second shortest river in the world at 500 meters. This short river connects to a series of larger lakes.

During the summer months, many festivals take place here. Seafair provides food booths and vendors with goods for sale and musical performers play throughout the day. Later in the summer, the Blackberry Festival takes place. This festival celebrates the blackberry, a crop that grows wild all over the surrounding area. The main street is closed to traffic and performers of all types take to the streets. Food vendors can be found and stores open their doors and sell outside.

Wildlife such as deer can frequently be seen in many areas of the town. Bear can be seen in areas outside of the town.

I have lived here for many years. This area provides many recreational activities for people to do. The climate stays mild throughout the year. The summer months provide great sunsets and places to visit. I would recommend this destination to anyone planning a vacation or just wanting to get away.

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