Tips and Recommendations for Best Buys

Tips and Recommendations for ‘Best Buys’

There are fantastic products available now for people who love to get outdoors and go camping – worldwide.

You can be basic and very simple, or extravagant and fancy in your preferences for your camping gear.   We hope that you find some of these books and recommendations valuable to you.  There are lots of new-fangled gadgets for the gadget lovers and I’m sure you’ll share your recommendations for many more!  I particularly love the very simple things that make the experience of camping as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  There are some that are ‘Wow .. what a Great Idea!’ type things.  When we head outdoors, we don’t want it as comfy as home – but we do want to enjoy the experience.  Of course we have affiliate links with some of these products – but it’s because we are very comfortable with the quality of their products and recommendations and are happy to promote them on our site. You can never have too much information about the things you love doing! We love information about travelling and camping outdoors from all over the world and will offer information for everywhere and anywhere we come across it.  Happy Camping!

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