Things to Bring Family Camping

With vacations costing so much these days, camping is becoming more popular among the average family. Families that take camping trips regularly are adapted to living out in the wilderness, but new families may not be. If you’re just starting out, there are some tools you should be familiar with.

The mode of rest you get is the first thing to plan. First camping trips usually don’t include an expensive camper or vehicle, so odds are you will be using a tent or a cabin to do the camping in. A tent is easy to setup, and models today only take minutes to setup. You won’t even need a Boy Scout in the family to assemble it. Cabins are more luxurious, but you will also be paying more money for them.

When dark falls you will be without light unless you have your own lantern. The standard in today’s age is to bring a battery-powered lantern instead of those powered by fuel. A campfire is another good source of light, but having a backup lantern is vital for taking light where a fire can’t go. A few backup batteries is also nice for an extended stay.

Bring plenty of cooking utensils such as forks and knives, yet also pack plates and cookware to keep your feeding habits satisfied. If you aren’t aware of how to cook on an open fire, you should learn from others before attempting to do so. It can be tricky trying to get a constant heat on all parts of the food you are cooking, and adding or subtracting wood is necessary.

You aren’t just fighting to survive by yourself in the wilderness, you have to put up with pests and real threats from other insects and animals. Research the area you are going to be camping in for a heads up on what you will be dealing with. Mosquito repellent is a good idea for keeping your sanity in the wilderness, but so too is a tick repellent.

When you pack up and are thinking about leaving, double check you haven’t left any trash laying around. Littering is frowned upon by campers since it hurts the wildlife and the environment at the same time. You can be fined large amounts of money in addition. A simple clean up only takes several minutes, so don’t procrastinate or leave it for others to clean up.

Closing Comments

If you would happen to have any friends or family that have been camping before, don’t hesitate to bring them along for the ride. You’ll need all the help you can get to survive the harsh environment around you. Camper’s hand guides are also available if you need a bit of extra help to plan out your next trip.

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