The Best Day Hikes in Washington

Washington State is teeming with day hike opportunities for enthusiasts of all levels. Washington’s hikes are so good in fact they attract people from around the country and abroad as well to sample a thin slice of the beauty waiting to be discovered as well as the opportunity to get that heart rate up and reap the benefits of better health. Not a bad combination if you ask me. What follows is a brief overview of some of the best day hikes in Washington ranked in no particular order.

Sourdough Gap on the Pacific Coast Trail in Enumclaw, Washington is a favorite day hike on the lists of almost everyone that has ever accepted it’s challenge. This is the nature lovers trail, it isn’t so difficult it beats you down but it certainly isn’t a stroll either. The scenery is as beautiful as you will find in the state with views begging to be photographed. Bears sometimes use the trail also as hucklberry brambles are plentiful. By no means should you miss this hike.

In laPush Washington you’ll Third beach Trail which is a great year round day hike. This has attracted visitors from everywhere so you know this has to be on your list. This is considered a secluded trail in that it is off the beaten path to coin a phrase. It attracts the adventurous as it is noted for being a great hike for storm lovers. You read that right, people come to this trail even more when the weather is harsh than good. The waves crash, the winds howl and the rain drives ferociously, so strong in fact it can stand up a small adult leaning into it’s teeth. If that sounds like fun to you, this is your trail.

The Winchester Mountain Lookout-High Pass Trai System in Glacier, washington offers a variety of trails, some which interlock. It got it’s name because it is in fact a fire watch tower location since back around 1935. It is an easy to moderate day hike, skill level depending, to reach the cabin at the top of it’s 6,500 foot peak. It’s only a four mile round trip hike which is short to some people but you must remember the incline going up can make those muscles burn. The view makes this worthwhile as it gets more beautiful every time and is worth taking each season as nature changes.

Sequim, Washington offers Dungeness Spit. This is a beach hike which displays Americas longest sand spit and finishes at a historic lighthouse which is a great place to rest, hydrate, learn a little history, and grab some awesome photos. Along the way you’re likely to spot harbor seals and many of the 250 species of seabirds making this area home, it is a bird watchers dream hike thanks to being a national wildlife refuge. From the lighthouse you can the Straight of Jaun De Fuc, Puget Sound, and on a decent day beyond Vancouver Island. For all those reason and more make sure you put this on your to do list.

Day hikes are plentiful in Washington, more plentiful than can be listed here. There are dozens of books available which can break down the huge number of registered day hikes the state has to offer. What I’ve highlighted are only a few of the most popular which locals and visitors alike should be sure to take the time to experience.

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