The best day hikes in Vermont

Anyone who has traveled our beautiful America much will usually cite the state of Vermont as their favorite New England state. Although small in size, it is grand in beauty and abundant in popular hiking trails, making it a true hiker’s paradise. Below is a list of what are considered to be the top ten day-hiking trails in Vermont:

MOUNT MANSFIELD, SUNSET RIDGE TRAIL-Sunset Ridge trail is a rocky ascent to the highest peak in Vermont, Mount Mansfield. Hikers enjoy rare alpine plants, flowers and spectacular views from the summit. It is located 17 miles east of Burlington and 22 miles northwest of Montpelier.

CAMEL’S HUMP, FORESTRY, DEAN AND LONG TRAILS LOOP-Camel’s Hump is Vermont’s highest pristine peak, and also a National Natural Landmark of the state. Hikers not only have marvelous summit views here, they also experience rare alpine vegetation and beautiful isolated mountain ponds. This trail is located between Montpelier and Burlington, south of Interstate 89.

MOUNT ASCUTNEY, WEATHERSFIELD TRAIL-Waterfalls and incredible views from a summit observation tower make this  half-day hike a real treasure. It is located about 20 miles south of White River Junction, just west of the Connecticut River.

KILLINGTON PEAK, BUCKLIN TRAIL-This trail takes you to the second highest summit in Vermont. From the summit, you get three-state views of the Green Mountains, White Mountains, Taconic Range and Adirondacks! It is about 7 miles east of Rutland.

MOUNT EQUINOX, BURR & BURTON TRAIL-This climb will take hikers to the highest summit in the Taconic Range. Experience beautiful wildflowers along the way. From the summit, there is a four-state view from a marble bench overlooking the Vermont Valley. This trail is in southwestern Vermont, just west of the village of Manchester.

LYE BROOK WILDERNESS-If you stop at the plummeting falls, this hike is easily a half-day hike. Experience wildlife galore and wetlands too. This hiking trail is located between Bennington and Rutland, just east of the Manchester Center.

HAYSTACK MOUNTAIN-Take a half-day hike to a southern Green Mountain summit overlooking Haystack Pond. You’ll get a four-state view of distant peaks and shimmering waters. This is located off Vermont Highway 9 midway between Brattleboro and Bennington.

STRATTON MOUNTAIN/STRATTON POND-This is a very pleasant day hike for waterfront walks along a lovely wild pond’s shore and spectacular summit views. It is located in south-central Vermont, about 20 miles southeast of Manchester.

COOLEY GLEN AND EMILY PROCTOR TRAILS-Mountain views, secluded wilderness streams, a Green Mountain ridge near the headwaters of the New Haven River. Sound good? This hike is about 8 miles east of Middlebury.

BALD MOUNTAIN, BENNINGTON- Take a half-day hike to a tree-clad summit. Enjoy good views of the Green Mountains and Taconic Range. Located near Woodford Hollow, 4 miles east of Bennington.

Touring Vermont is the experience of a lifetime, especially when doing it up-close-and-personal on a hiking trail. Breath in the fresh air, observe the wildlife, enjoy the dazzling summit views, water falls and sparkling waters of the state while exercising in the great outdoors.

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