Ten essential items for backpacking trips

Backpacking is always a great way to enjoy the outdoors and gain some exercise. Taking in the scenery and enjoying what mother nature has laid out right in front of us. Making a backpacking trip even more enjoy come with packing the right essentials to make the best of it. Here is a list of what I consider to be the top 10 items to pack along in your backpack.

1. Water
You can never get enough to drink and to stay hydrated when out in nature, especially if its in the heat of the summer. Water is the best.

2. Food and Snacks
Having something to give you more energy is always a good thing. Light snacks are usually the way I go unless the trip is for an extended amount of time.

3. First Aid Kit
You should always have a first aid kit with you on trips.

4. Cell phone
I know service isn’t always going to be there, but if something does go wrong having a way to get a hold of someone else isn’t a bad idea.

5. Navigational Tools
Getting lost isn’t as fun as it sounds, a good map and compass will do wonders if you can’t gain access to a hand held GPS unit.

6. Flashlight
If you end up being out over night or just stay out on the trail after sundown a good flashlight will go along ways. I prefer headband lights so that I may keep my hands free for use.

7. Matches/Lighter
If you do end up having to make an unprepared night stay on the trail something to start a small fire will definitely come in handy, especially if its any other season besides summertime. Keep your matches and lighter in a sealed plastic bag in case you get wet.

8. Extra Clothes
Being prepared for what ever weather may come. If there’s even a chance of rain or temperature drop I’d rather have what I need to be comfortable.

9. Bug spray
Bug spray always comes in handy. Mosquitoes, ticks, flys and other biting insects don’t make for an enjoyable time.

10. Sun Protection
Sun protection is usually over looked. Sun block, sun glasses, and a hat will do wonders on helping out with that. Who wants to be back at camp peeling and looking like a lobster?

Well thats my list of 10 things for a short backpacking trip. If you will be staying overnight in the woods the list can be adjusted easily… more food and drinks, small tent or tarp, small blanket…etc.

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