Styles of Hammocks

Lying in a hammock under a tree in your front yard with the sun on your face and a gentle breeze swinging it side to side is a beautiful summer picture you can’t get out of your mind. So you have the front yard, the tree and the occassional sun but there is one big piece missing. You don’t have a hammock! This is where I ask you, why not? Suffering from uncertainty and doubt as to which one to get? This article will help you make up your mind.

Earlier hammocks used to be made from the bark of a tree called “hamack” hence the name. These days most hammocks are made either from ropes or fabric. The most common of these two is the rope hammock…

The rope hammock is made from, well you guessed it, rope. These ropes wrap themselves around a person supporting his or her body. There is no fabric used at the base. These only rely upon the cotton or nylon rope used to make them. Being very strong they can hold up a person’s weigth easily. These are very low cost and easily affordable. Also due to the spaces between the ropes they catch air easily allowing you to enjoy a summer breeze without your back getting all sweaty. However as with all good things a rope hammock also has its disadvantages. Firstly, as these are made from rope or nylon they are more susceptible to growing mildew and mold when exposed to wetness. Hammocks are for outdoor pleasure mostly so this is a big drawback. Secondly, despite being very strong they can be extremely unstable and hard to balance.

The hammock that is most sought after is the kind made from fabric. These have a base that is made from fabric unlike the rope hammock swings. This makes them more stable and the chances of falling when getting in or out are decreased. These are more comfortable as there are no annoying ropes digging into your body. Little children can use them more safely as there is no danger of them having their fingers or toes twisted in the ropes. But fabric hammock swings are not without some disadvantages either. On a hot summer day, they do not allow for the air to circulate hence leaving you uncomfortable with perspiration.

An important thing to keep in mind is that both kind of hammocks come in two varieties: with spread bars and stave-less. Hammocks with bars, contrary to popular belief, are less comfortable then their bar-less counterparts. This is because the latter can mold itself around the body in a better manner.

Both types of hammocks are available in several varieties such as:

1. Portable Hammocks

2. Camping Hammocks

3. Folding Hammocks

Hammocks are surprisingly cheap with the rope variety being the cheapest. Decent fabric hammocks may also be found for under a $100. But remember, this is the price of the hammock alone. If you do not have trees to hold the hammock then you will have to make an extra investment in purchasing a hammock stand.

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