Small Gas Grills – Big Tips

When deciding to buy a small gas grill, there are some basics you need to consider.

Most people looking to buy a small gas grill, are doing so because the space they are going to be cooking and grilling in is small, simple really. So you should first measure that space. Makes sense.

Small grills are commonly used on small balconies, patio’s, veranda’s and courtyard gardens. So stand in that space, give yourself extra to move around the grill and then you will have a fair idea of what size grill you can comfortably fit into the space you have available.

Another great thing about small gas grills is that you can take them out with you, to a friends or the park or the beach. (Just in case you can’t bare to be separated from it). If you are thinking of doing this, then you need to know how small they are when they are folded. Will you be able to fit it into your car, or carry it on public transport?

And Finally, you should consider storage. Where will you store your grill when not in use? It’s really not a great idea to leave it outside all year, exposed to the elements. It doesn’t do it any good.

When you have invested in a grill make sure to buy a cover for it. This will increase the life greatly, as it will protect it from the elements and extremes of temperatures. They are invaluable.

Make sure to register your grill with the manufacturer as soon as you get it home. You should do this so that:

1. Your guarantee is not valid until you do so.

2. The grill manufacturer will often put you on their news letter mailing list, which can have some interesting tips.

3. Probably the most important reason to register, is in case there is a call back on your small gas grill or any part of it. This applies to all grills, small, big, cheap, expensive. It is rare but can happen to any product you buy.

Re calls are not bad in fact they are positive and show that the manufacturer listens to complaints and issues about their product and takes responsibility for them. Think of re-calls as positive, you will usually get a full refund or a brand new replacement.

Regular cleaning of your grill is a must. It’s boring but if you do it after every use, then it’s quick and effective and one of the best ways of keeping your grill for longer, and in tip top condition.

How much should you pay? You don’t have to pay a lot for your grill. The most crucial thing is that is suits what you want to use it for, and that it fits the space intended for it, after all that is why you are checking out a small gas grill. If on a budget, try to resist the extra gadgets that you know you don’t need.

Lastly, you can have fun all year round with your grill. Cooking outside on a cold clear day with a cold beer can be just as good as on a hot summers day. There’s something special about a barbecue in winter, all wrapped up warm.

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