Shed hunting: Enjoy the hunt without the kill

Antler or shed hunting is a fun and excellent form of exercise.In early spring, moose elk and deer loose their antlers. They fall on the forest floor where the mice,squirrels,and rabbits start to devour them. That’s where we bipeds come into play.

No matter what we do we will never find them all. I have been antler hunting for years,
and very rarely do I find both sides. But on occasion you do get lucky and find both sides, the larger the antler the better chance you have to find both of them.

Areas to look for antlers include, creek bottoms, sunny southern facing parks or meadows. The key is to watch deer, and elk all season every season. Pattern them. The more time you spend watching the animals, the better your chances of finding a shed, not to mention if you are a hunter you will know where the animals are for the upcoming hunting season.

I have found several hundred antlers over the years but you must be in fairly good shape to walk in where most elk and moose antlers are. Walking up steep ridges and large mountains to get to the “honey hole” so to speak, can be exhausting and sometimes disorienting.make sure you know where you are, and have the proper gear for what you are doing.

Although there are thousands of acres of publicly accessible land, be sure to ask for permission on private land. Trespassing is against the law and looked down upon by most!

This sport is excellent for the person that enjoys hunting without the kill.

Most importantly have fun and be safe !

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