Pick The Best Survival Knives For Gear

If you are new to survival gear, you need to concentrate on getting a usable knife. Many times the knife you choose will not be big or oversize since these can make the knife usable and make it bulky to carry. It should be a simple knife, any other tool may be included with a knife can be bought separately that will work much better. Beware of additions on the knives, like hollow handles to store first aid kits, since this can cause the knife to be much weaker when you try to use it.

The length to the blade can also be important since having one that is too big to make the knife awkward to use. On average the plane should be roughly five inches long since this length can give you the most use while you are on the field.

Some of the best knives you can get are called Tang knives. These are constructed in such a way that one piece of metal makes up the handle and the knife itself. They handle may be coated with another material for ease of use and to make the grip more comfortable. You should always make sure that your knife and handle is constructed in one piece, since when they are separate this can become a weak point on the knife.

There are two types of tang blades. The wide tang will have the handle and the blade roughly the same size. A narrow tang will have the handle part becoming narrower senate can fit into and external grip.

The style of blade you choose is also important. A serrated edge is good for sawing and for defense as well as first aid, but sharpening it on the field may prove difficult. A smooth blade is a good all around plate, and can be sharpened using stones in the field for the event arises.

The most important aspect to buying a survival knife is to be sure that you’re purchasing the absolute best that you can possibly afford. This can get you a quality knife that can be used for any circumstance that arises.

Survival knives are the most important part of your survival gear at any time. By getting a quality knife you can use this on the field for many years making surviving easier.

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