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CheapTents.com specialises in selling top quality tents and camping equipment  at discount prices. We have operated in this industry for almost 20 years, and 7 years of that online, so when it comes to giving outdoor gear advice, we know our stuff!

Being specialists in selling lightweight and ultralight outdoor clothing and camping equipment, here is some very helpful advice for outdoor sports people interested in backpacking, adventure racing, lightweight expeditions and a variety of other lightweight outdoor and camping activities.

Why is lightweight camping and outdoor gear so important?

Lightweight gear is amongst the most technologically advanced outdoor clothing and camping equipment available. This is because it uses the specially advanced technologies which serve the same core purposes as ‘regular weight’ outdoor gear, but at a reduced weight.

Outdoor Sports: Outdoor sports enthusiasts and athletes have come to value lightweight camping and sports equipment because of the way it enhances their performance, hence the increasingly popular manufacture of ultralight tents, clothing and equipment. Adventure runners, backpackers and mountain bikers are amongst those looking to shave every gram off their pack weight.

Lightweight Backpacking and Travel: It’s important to realise that whilst you’re traveling around the world, taking a gap year, or backpacking for a weekend in the fells, you will greatly appreciate good quality, lightweight clothing and equipment, as no one else is going to offer to carry your backpack for you!

Reduced pack weight: By reducing the weight of the gear you are carrying with you, it means that you are putting less strain on your legs, making yourself less top heavy and more than likely reducing your pack size which means you can squeeze through more crevasses!
Reduced clothing weight: Agility is helped by reduced friction against key areas of your body’s movement. By having less weight, you are reducing the gravitational pull of your gear towards the ground, when most people want to be moving forward. Importantly, lightweight and ultralight equipment often means less bulk, which too helps to reduce the friction of clothing against your body and make it easier to conquer another mountain!

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