KOA campgrounds in British Columbia

British Colombia is the home to four KOA campgrounds which are all located to the southern end of the region. Each is basically the same general layout and not too much out of the norm from what you would expect from any KOA campground. That may not sound exciting but flash and glam is not the KOA way. What they will provide are safe, clean, well maintained and staffed sites at great rates and superb locations which make them very family friendly. What follows is a brief overview of each.

The Victoria West KOA in British Colombia is the southernmost site they offer in the area. The campround operates from may 15th to September 15th each year. RV’s will be greeted with 50 AMP service but aside from that there is nothing special or extra for RV enthusiasts. Tent sites are plentiful as would be expected and one and two room cabins are also available for rental. WiFi is available free of charge and the pool is open from June first to September second. An RV dealership also operates with them to offer rentals for those who may enjoy a different experience. Of course you will need to qualify for the rentals, but it is no more difficult than renting a regular car for the most part.

A bit to Northeast of the Victoria West KOA lies the three remaining KOA sites in British Colombia packed fairly close together which are the Clearwater, Sicamous, and Revelstoke KOA. Revelstoke operates from may first to October fifteenth and the Clearwater/Wells Gray KOA closes down on October 12th. The Sicamous closes on October first so these are rather short seasons they are open. Each offers 50 amp service and are well equipped to handle RV’s so there is no problem there. Tent sites and cabins of one and two room sizes are also available except for Clearwater Wells Gray which only offers one room Cabins. Revelstoke goes a step further offering deluxe camping cottages and great group facilities. If you plan on needing cabins it is advised you book as far in advance as possible as these go fast. Each also works with RV dealers to offer rentals and has all the KOA ammenties you expect like WiFi, camp stores, and well maintained and staffed facilities.

Botanical gardens are nearby offering a glimpse of over one million plants in a variety of different designs including the Rose, Japanese, and Italian garden. Pacific Rim National park is also another great place to visit as is a trip on the sea to sky highway. You’ll find plenty of shopping and family activities both indoors and outdoors so any group composition will be able to find plenty of things to do. Whatever you choose to do A KOA campground provides a great inexpensive way to make it all happen!

Williamsburg KOA Campground
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