Is Camping a Vacation? – Part 1

Blue Boat at China Camp

To me, a vacation consists of: getting away, resting physically, mentally reflecting and having an adventure. This is camping!

Get away~ there is no vacation more flexible than camping. It’s possible to camp on a mountain, along a river, on a beach, in a desert, in the woods, or on a gravel pad. The travel involved can be part of the experience. The best part of camping is really being away from houses, buildings and other “real life” reminders. This is truly getting away.

Physical rest~ camping doesn’t have to be work! Keep it simple. Bring prepared foods, a pop-up tent or trailer, fire starters and comfortable bedding. Sleep late; in fact don’t bring a clock or watch and let your body determine when you should arise.

Mentally reflect~ the fire is a great place to just think about everything or nothing. Or take a hike, do some fishing, and walk around the campground. Really enjoy the sunset. Let the night and stars roll in above you. Camping may cause an epiphany by giving you perspective on your life.

Have an adventure~ sometimes just getting there can be an adventure. The drive, flight, walk, or even boat ride can challenge or relax you, or both. Hiking, boating, fishing and the like are great adventures to have with friends or lovers. Sometimes the real adventure is figuring out how to open the can without a can opener.

In sum, camping can be a great rest or wonderful adventure for your brain or body. Camping can reset your perspective.

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