Ice Fishing Locations and Destinations

There are so many ice fishing locations around the world to choose from. Just make sure that you are not thinking of tropical regions when you make that choice. Some of the countries that you may want to think about are Canada, America, Russia, Norway, and countries in the northern regions. Most of the greatest ice fishing locations are just hours away from cities with airports to fly into and shops to get all the gear that you need.

In Canada most of the lakes that freeze over in the winter are usually surrounded by shops and guides that are there specifically for the ice fishing season. Those shops are packed with all of the goodies that you could possibly need for outfitting a great ice fishing adventure. That situation is also true for ice angling in the U.S.A.

If you are traveling overseas to northern Europe or north Russia then I suggest that you do all of the research that you possibly can to find out what local amenities are available to you. Make sure that you also read about local laws, rules and regulations before you find yourself in some foreign jail or loaded with heavy fines just because you wanted to find a new ice fishing location.

The best locations for ice fishing have always been secluded and far off the beaten path. There is no need to be close to major cities and towns while out there unless you get yourself into some kind of trouble. This also means that if you do get into some trouble then you possibly might need  a rescue team to come and get you out of there and to the local hospital. If your location is too far from civilization then you should probably bring a GPS in case you get lost and a satellite phone to call some one with your the coordinates on that GPS that your brought.

Rivers and streams make great locations for ice fishing but just be aware that moving water can weaken the ice and make it dangerous to walk on. If you fall through the ice in a river you are most likely going to be carried down stream under the ice to your death. (I just love to be the bearer of bad news.)

If you are a truly serious ice angler then I suggest that you head to Canada. Not only is Canada the most beautiful country on the planet, it also has the best ice fishing in the world. There are so many lake to fish on and most of them are only an hour or two away from Ontarios capital, Toronto. From there you can head in almost any direction to find a great location for ice fishing. I suggest lake simcoe because it is only one hour outside of Toronto and is the closest thing to an ice fishing Mecca that you can find. The main town on Lake Simcoe is called Port Perry and during the winter months the lake looks like an extension of this town with all of the shacks that pop up on it. No matter where you choose to angle on the ice just make sure that you are having plenty of fun.

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