How to Pack for Safety in a Whitewater Kayak

How to pack for safety in a whitewater kayak?

It is necessitated to know that there are technically four types of whitewater kayak. Freestyle or playboating kayaks, creek boats, squirt boats and all-around kayaks.

Determining the safety rules to sustain in a whitewater kayak will depend on the type of whitewater kayak that you are utilizing. The scenario should be relatively the same based on the characterizes of your kayak.

How to pack for safety in a whitewater kayak?

For freestyle or playboating kayaks, the volume of the stern, cockpit and bow will direct you to take good measures of safety in sitting inside your small or large whitewater kayak. Make sure that your feet, hands and body find the comfort that they need. The volume of your occupation will determine your ability to make vertical moves easier and bring more resistance inside your kayak. You could in flat waters bring your boat vertical and consistent as you move along and across the moving waters.

Creek boats unlike freestyle kayaks will maximize security for they offer large blunt bows and cause the kayak to have a lot of volume to resurface after a big drop. Also, the blunt will allow the boat not to stick to rocks but escaping rocks and bouncing off because of their design. The stern which has much volume protects the backyard of your kayak against sudden rocky surprises. So, this is a great choice for you.

Squirt boats are unfortunately extremely reduced in volume size. So, I would not definitely advised you that if you are a beginner. It is for advanced paddlers. To adjust inside, some serious measurements ought to be taken before going inside the boat(foot size, waist size…) and take as much volume as possible inside the kayak for great safety. These boats are normally designed for holes, eddy lines and waves. It can be applied in deep waters and class III rivers. Unlike its counterparts which are made of plastic, it is made of fiberglass. Squirt boats will teach you about vertical balance and how to play in sub-surface currents. If you are a professional or a very advanced paddler, this is your type. It is fun fun fun.


Finally, all-around boats will allow you to float down the swirling waters more comfortably. These kayaks are great forWooden Kayak Stormy Landscape beginners and economic paddlers. Recently, there has been a huge increase in the sale of these types of whitewater kayaks. This is the one you might want to buy first. You will be safe and secure inside. However, it is still compelled to ask for the help of kayaking professionals(kayak designers, kayak schools, kayak institutions, advanced paddlers,…and kayak instructors)about the type of kayak you should buy and the items you might need to have with you before entering any whitewater kayak. And be prepared for various types of swirling waters.

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