How to Maintain & Repair Your Hiking Boots

If you are a hiker, you know that your hiking boots are an investment. Taking proper care of your hiking boots is an essential part of being a hiker. Unless you have money to burn, you should take care of your hiking boots.

If your hiking boots are not waterproof, it is a good idea to waterproof them yourself before you even wear them. Most places that sell hiking boots have a spray that you can buy to waterproof your boots. Check the label on your boots and read the requirements on the spray can before you buy it, to make sure that the spray can be used on the material your boots are made of.

Clean your boots after every use. Remove any pebbles or rocks that may have been lodged in the tread of your boots. Some hiking boots come with removable insoles. If your boots have removable insoles, and the insoles have somehow gotten wet, remove the insole and let them dry before putting your boots away.

Check your shoe laces often. You do not want to be in the middle of nowhere, with a broken shoe lace, especially if you have climbed to get there. If your hiking boot’s laces are frayed in anyway, replace them immediately.

If you scuff your hiking boots, you should clean the scuffed area with a soft tooth brush, let it dry and then reapply the waterproofing spray.

If the seams of your hiking boots seem to be coming apart, and you have a lot of money invested in them, you should take them to a shoe cobbler. Though you may not know of any, most cities have shoe cobblers who can repair your shoes for a lot less than buying a new pair.

Hopefully these tips can save you some money on buying hiking boots. Enjoy your hiking experience!

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