How to Get Ready for Camping Trips in Canada – P1

How to get ready to go camping trips in Canada

Canada has a very large number of views where people from all countries can come to enjoy some wonderful sites of our beautiful country. The great wilderness’s of Canada is perfect if you want to enjoy the beauty of the woods, mountains, and lakes. The Great Lakes are a wonderful place to visit if you like to fish, or just enjoy the view. There are thousands of campgrounds you can park your trailers, or tents, if that is what you are camping with.

There are a few things you will need to know before you go camping in Canada, however. For one thing, you need to know that our weather is very unpredictable. One minute it will be hot, and sunny, and the next moment, the wind will pick up, the clouds will pop up as if they just materialized from thin air, which they did, and the rain will start to fall. Sometimes there is no indication of an impending storm, but surprise, here it is.

If you are contemplating camping in Canada, be sure that you have brought cloths for every weather condition. Make sure that you have warm cloths, as well as cool outer wear for the hot, sunny days. If you have sleeping bags, that is perfect, but is your sleeping bag one that will protect you in bad weather, is it heavy enough to keep you warm if the weather decides it is going down to almost freezing. This is a good idea if you are going to be camping in the early spring, or late fall seasons.

If you are using a tent, check it out carefully to see if there are any holes in which the water will come in when it rains. If you are unsure as to whether your tent may leak, you can also throw a tarpaulin over it, and secure it to you tent pegs. Raise your tent on a flat area not too close to the water. In some areas in Canada, the water will raise considerably when we have heavy rains. Keep your cloths packed in containers so they do not get wet. Another thing to look for when packing your cloths into containers is this will also help to keep out the little critters that live in our wilderness. There are some pretty small critters that will invade the smallest of spaces.

If you are camping, and want to build a fire, be sure that you have built up an area with rocks all around it. This will stop the fire from getting away from the spot you started it. The wilderness gets pretty dry some times, and no one wants to be responsible for starting a forest fire. People have to take extra care when enjoying their camp fires in the wilderness’s of Canada; it only takes one spark to start a humongous forest fire. Before leaving a fire, make sure that you smother the fire out completely, either with sand, or with water, but make sure that it is out before leaving the area.

The food you bring on your camping trips should be in tightly sealed containers, and should not be left lying around to attract the wild life. Bears like nothing more than to come across a campsite where the food is out in the open, and remember, bears can destroy your campsite in just a couple of minutes, whether there are people there or not.

When camping in our wilderness areas, be sure that you have lots of sunscreen, and insect repellent with you, you do not want our mosquitoes, or sand flies, to carry you away. When you are through with containers of food, such as cans, plastic bags, bottles, meat trays, etc, be sure to put these things into a garbage bag, tightly closed, and take it with you to the nearest garbage disposal area, do not leave your garbage lying around in our beautiful country side. There is enough pollution around us, we do not need, nor do we want, any more garbage left lying around.

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