How to find a good summer camp for your child – Part 1

A Day in the life of a Letter Perfect Farm Camper

By Noelle Fowler

Each morning for a week in June, young campers arrived at Letter Perfect Farm excited for a day of horses, fun and learning!

LPF Summer Camp started off with great, sunny weather and a great group of kids. Kelli Mason, owner and trainer of LPF, and I organized this year’s camp. We also had the wonderful help of Junior Campers Amanda Gildea, Olivia Gildea and Stephanie Giguere. Each day, we split the campers into smaller groups of 3 or 4 members and headed to the barn, discussing barn rules and safety tips as we went. We made sure to stress teamwork as the groups tacked up their horses with a leader. The leader’s explained the proper way to tack up a horse, and answered any questions the campers had. During riding time, we had mini-lessons where we focused on proper riding instruction. We also had mounted game time where riders got to play fun games on horseback such as musical cones and relay races. Campers got dizzy with fun in our whip-spinning relay race, and we found out which campers had soft hands during the toilet paper stretch. We found out just how soft Kelli’s footing is in the indoor during the egg and spoon race! It definitely passed the test; we didn’t break a single egg!

After riding, campers had lunch and pool time. The pool was a big hit, and a great way for campers to cool off in the hot weather. Campers especially enjoyed pushing their camp leaders into the pool! After lunch, those campers who were all day participants headed back to the barn to learn horse health information such as how to take a horses temperature and respiratory rate. They also were put to work, reminding them that horses are fun, but hard work too. Campers helped scrub and refill water buckets, clean stalls and pens, clean tack, make up grains and supplements, and sweep and rake the areas around the barn.

Campers who were only half day participants headed over to soccer camp with our soccer instructor, Aaron Wolfhope. This worked out well for the younger campers who tended to get bored with all of the chores involved in the barn. Soccer camp was a big hit, and the campers learned the basics of the game, got to play a game against one another, and best of all, they had a great time!

Later in the afternoon, all the campers were invited back to the pool for family swim time. Campers’ family members were invited to attend with siblings and enjoy the warm weather. The kids had a blast and were able to unwind and cool off after a long day of fun.

On the final day of camp we held an awards ceremony and invited all of the parents to attend. Campers earned an individual award for their performance throughout camp. They received a medal, a crown, a LPF Summer Camp T-shirt and an “I survived LPF Summer Camp” Certificate of Achievement. The kids also got time for T-shirt signing to help them remember their fellow campers.

LPF Summer Camp was a great time. We loved having all of the kids at the farm and are looking forward to next year! Thanks to all who helped make the camp so successful!

If you are interested in joining us for camp this year, please contact Kelli Mason at kelli@letterperfectfarm.com or visit our website, www.letterperfectfarm.com for more information.

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