How to Break in New Hiking Boots P2

Breaking in hiking boots is something you do slowly. The first thing you need to do is buy the right boot. You need to buy a good boot, a good fit, and a boot that is designed for hiking. A good boot does not have to be the famous brand name or have a big price tag. Your boot should fit properly. That means that your toe should have enough room to wriggle but you should be able to feel the toe end of the boot.

When hiking you will be wearing thicker cushy socks and maybe even a second layer depending on the weather so your boot should have a little sock room.

Buy your boots a few days ahead of your hike expedition, as time will be your best friend in breaking in a pair of boots. You will need to take your new boots out for a few blocks a couple times. A good two brisk walks about 6 to 8 blocks will be sufficient to break in your hiking boots. Of course the quality and material of the book are a big factor.

You may even want to take out your boots to the local park, the woods, or the nearby hill to get a real feel for them. Such rigors will also stretch the boot thereby breaking it in. A boot is not properly broken in until it has had to stretch on uneven ground and taken a bounces of your sprightly spring.

When you go out on the big hiking day, bring a series of styles and thickness of socks. Do not be afraid to fiddle around with your sock and footwear. You are in the process of figuring it out and just ask your hiking buddies to be patient. It is just part of the breaking in the boot. You will not even have mind your boots so much the next day.

You may want to treat your boot. Silicon sprays work well with leather and fabric boots. Oils such as dubbin or musk oil are good on leather and suede boots. Such treatments are designed to help your boot endure the elements and the ravages of time. Some water proofing sprays can discolor fabrics in the sun, so ask the salesperson about any applications.

When you are out hiking, bring a couple of fabric-backed bandages in case you get a blister. Most blisters are bearable but some can be in very sensitive or nerve rich area. A good pair of hiking boots will bring you many miles over many years.

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