Help Planning a Hiking Trip in Australia

Hiking in Australia offers the opportunity for exploring lovely vistas and breathtaking mountain paths.Your biggest challenge will be where to start. From the tropical rain-forests of Queensland, down to the wilderness of Tasmania or over to the pristine beaches and rugged outback of Western Australia.

It would certainly be worth your while to jump online and search forums, noticeboards etc for any or all information you can gather before planning your trip.Plenty of resources can be found on this site.

What's in my bag? (Backcountry Edition)

Obviously maps will be your companion on your hike around Australia. Once again,consult online or see our resources. Reviews are another handy tool to use. Using experienced hikers knowledge will save you mountains of time and suffering.

If you are limited with time there are numerous companies that will plan your trip for you.

All you have to do is pack and enjoy.They know all the best hiking routes to take,accommodation, the lot.They will also organise permits for you for the areas that require one. Use them. These companies and agencies can be found at http://www.australia.trekkinga dventure.info

Obviously because of the nature of hiking, insurance is a must. Don`t leave home without it. The cost of Australia hiking insurance can be quite reasonable-especially if you purchase it over the Internet.

As I said at the beginning, planning beforehand is the vital step. Passports, correct luggage, leaving contact details with relatives etc are extremely important.

Checklists can be obtained from hiking companies. Ensure you check ALL the boxes.

All the above will make your hiking trip that one trip of a lifetime.


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