Guide to feeding freshwater fish

The only fish we have at the moment are our three carp which are outside in the garden in a reasonable sized pond . It is possible to not feed these fish for some time and they will tick along quite nicely . This is because outside they have many natural foods not least insects .

However I do feed mine with a suitable flaked fish food most days . For outside ponds you only feed when the temperature is above a certain level . I have a growth food which I feed them from time to time but this must only be given during warm summer periods . As a rule I don’t feed them between September and Feruary each autumn and winter .

When feeding I tend to crush the flakes in my hand and sprinkle lightly over the pond . I try to keep an eye on things and if there is a lot left or some that the fish don’t want I try to net it out . If you don’t it just sinks to the bottom and rots . This adds to the pollution problem with faeces etc .

When we kept indoor tropical fish some fish were ‘Bottom feeders’ and as such would eat the food that dropped to the bottom , in effect helping clean up . In such tanks a good mix of fish can help keep your aquarium a well balanced environment .In the tank we would feed a variety of foods and at times Hubby would by daphnia (water fleas) and thin blood worms . These were fed live of course .

You can vary fish flakes and sticks as there is quite a variety on sale , and , as we all know , variety is the spice of life . When we first kept fish we bought and read helpful books . Of course today you can research the subject on-line . The store where you buy all your fish paraphernalia should be able to offer advice also .

Don’t forget the library either.


Freshwater fish then need to me fed once or twice a day at the most . You need to offer them small amounts and remove any uneaten food within about four or five minutes . Watch your fish to make sure there isn’t a greedy piggy consuming the lot . If there is you may need to separate the offender at feeding time . It is always better to underfeed as if you are observing well you can always add more . Over time, with many adjustments , you will find the correct balance for you and your fish .

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