Gift Ideas for Hunters

Come hunting season it’s time to make sure your hunter is ready to go. Making sure he has the basics he needs to go hunting is fairly simple.

Washing hunting clothes come first. They aren’t washed in regular laundry detergent though. Buy your hunter a bottle of No-scent. It seems come deer season they don’t want any scent so check you local sporting good store for options.

Deer hunters will need Doe Urine to put around the hunting area. Other hunters will use other scents. Make sure you know the type of hunting that is being done before buying scents for the hunter.

What is the weather like and what do they use to hunt?

When it’s freezing out and they are in a tree stand a pair of insulated coveralls can come in handy. Most hunters were jeans and t-shirts under their coveralls so you may be able to go lighter. Make sure they have plenty of pockets. Some insulated socks will help keep their feet warm.

There is also thermal underwear that can be bought for them. The temperatures and the hunter’s preference will determine if these are right for them.

A good pair of hiking boots for walking through the woods is readily available at your local shoe store. If the area is swampy were they hunt get them a pair of waders.

Hunters wear safety orange to help reduce the possibility of hunting accidents. A vest with large deep pockets to carry ammunition in safety orange will help them. The color will keep them safe and the pockets will help them carry extra ammunition.

Do they bow hunt or use a shotgun? If they use a bow some arrows can come in handy. Arrows are easily lost in the woods if they miss there target. Make sure you are aware of the types that the hunter needs. Practice tips for arrows will help when they do target practice and are less expensive than the hunting tips.

If you are committed to your hunter and they would like to get into bow hunting but do not have a bow then you can buy them a bow. Do your research first though. Bows come in a wide variety and different people have more ease with some than others.

Do they use a shotgun? Make sure you know the type they use. This is easy to find out; simply check the boxes they bring home. You can pick up a box of shotgun gun shells fairly cheap in the sporting goods section of your local Wal-Mart or K-mart.

The most important gift to give a hunter is not to wash there hunting clothes again until the end of hunting season. Try getting them a bag to store them in until the end of the season.

A good knife is also a plus for hunters. Do a little research here and pay attention to what the hunter is telling you and you should be able to pick out one fairly easily.

Do they already have a collection of hunting knives stored in the top of the gun cabinet? Look into display cases for them. Make sure the case is locking and secure to prevent children from getting into it.

Want to know the best gift to get your hunter? Simply leave them alone and let them hunt without complaining they are never home.

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