Getting Started with Deer Hunting

Deer hunting like any other sport takes dedication and patience. If you do

not have either of these traits, you might consider something more to your

liking. The majority of hunters, hunt for the venison, they make steak and

winter sausage, ground with beef the venison will taste much like regular

ground beef. If you hunt for the meat, you are on the right track .

To get started deer hunting is pretty simple, but expensive to do. If you

are serious about deer hunting, ask a friend if you can borrow an extra

weapon. This will give you a chance to familiarize your self with the

weapon before the hunt . You can take a “Hunters Safety Course” for ten

dollars, by a state run wild life resources officer. Many states it is

mandatory, to hunt state and local lands.

I would never go out and buy hunting weapons the first time out. You may

not even like the sport, it is best to ease your self in to the realm of

hunting, than jumping in to unfamiliar territory. Hunting lodges often

will have rentals on the equipment and even the choice of weapons. This

is a good way to start your hunting adventure, and keep your cost at the


If you are like many hunters,you hunt for the meat or you hunt for trophy

bucks. People that hunt trophy bucks, often will give the meat to locals

or land owners,in exchange for the right to hunt restricted properties.

Checking a head of time with Wild life Resource officials of state owned

lands, will give you the chance to scout out, where the deer may be .

Then you can determine where you will hunt the deer from.

Read up on different methods of deer terminology. Magazines such as

American Sportsman, Field and Stream and others, offer good information

on how to hunt a deer. The more knowledge you give your self about the

sport, the more prepared you will be for the hunt.

If this is your first hunt, go with a friend or a guide that is familiar

with the lay of the land. Once in place, stay in one place. When there

are other hunters in the woods, this will be the safest avenue for any

hunter. The friend or guide wants you to succeed in harvesting your first

deer, trust their advice and stay out of harms way.

Read all regulations pertaining to the game you hunt. Deer have strict

guidelines and game officials are very unforgiving if you harvest a deer

in the wrong way. Game management officials are in place to benefit you,

as well as protecting the rights of the deer population . Be sure to have

your big game license and appropriate tags to register your kill. In order

to monitor deer populations, it is necessary to record where the deer was


Dress accordingly, to the weather. Most deer hunting is done during winter

months and if you are not dressed correctly, the deer can see you. Your hunt

can be miserable because of the wrong attire. Check the weather the day

before a hunt, this should tell you how to ready your self for the elements.

The important thing to remember! If you can not see the deer clearly, do not

shoot. Many hunters have been killed by other hunters not clearly seeing

what they are shooting at. Always keep safety in mind and enjoy your hunt.

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