Get Closer to Nature by Camping in State Campgrounds

A LOT of my favorite childhood memories involve family camping trips. We loved to spend time in the outdoors. We saw the beauty of nature up close. Our summers were full of nature and fresh air. We were often out on the water in a small rowboat, we enjoyed campfires, the cool night air, and the chance to chase lightening bugs, we rode bikes all over the campgrounds, we spent time fishing off piers, we swam in lakes and pools, we met people from all over the world on our camping expeditions.

Our family folklore grew by the year every time we went camping. We enjoyed state campgrounds in Florida, Virginia, and Maryland. In Virginia we once accidentally hooked a skate as we were fishing in a small boat. The skate took off and dragged the boat along rapidly. We were all astonished to be moving at a rapid pace towed by an underwater creature we kids had never seen before. Exciting! For years all anyone had to do was mention the word skate and we’d all start laughing.

In Maryland we loved Elkneck State Park. We used to get a cabin there and it was pure bliss. The wooded roads throughout the camp were wonderful for bike riding. I loved to have the freedom to explore the campground and would wave joyfully at my parents as I would zoom by the cabin on my bike. The park is lovely in spring time. I think it was there I learned to delight in the sound of quiet. We woke up to the sound of birds singing and the park had a peaceful, zen like quality of quiet that I so enjoyed.

In Florida the state parks are tremendous! My favorite is Fort DeSoto park.

The natural beauty there is lush. The water is so warm and the weather is wonderfully balmy. A camping trip here will be a memory you will cherish forever.

State parks provide wonderful vacations that are inexpensive, relaxing, safe, fun, and provide lots of fresh air and exercise.

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