Gerber Knives

Long having a reputation for overall toughness making them suitable for many outdoors uses, Gerber knives have come to represent legendary reliability and long lasting quality in a variety of extreme use situations.

Based in Portland, Oregon Joseph Gerber, then in advertising, hired a local knife maker in 1910 to make him 25 sets of kitchen cutlery as gifts to his advertising clients. These early Gerber knives proved to be successful with the clients, so much so that the acclaim of the knives was widely spread and demand rapidly rose for similar knives to be produced. Ever the astute businessman, Mr. Gerber left his ad business and by 1939 had launched Gerber Legendary Blades.

Fixed Blade Knives by Gerber Legendary Blades

Like many of their owners, Gerber knives have that special quality of rugged, outdoorsy individualism that make them exceptional values for many different demanding tasks. When you think of the Great Outdoors, you generally think of Gerber as the one of the best solutions for whatever cutting chore comes up.

/>• Gerber’s Big Rock Family of knives feature large blade profiles for heavy cutting requirements

• Gerber’s Freeman Family feature blades perfectly designed to skin and butcher game and other meat

• Gator fillet knives are great for fishing chores

• The Gerber River Family highlights no-slip grips for use in and around water

• The Silver Trident line offers several models of no-nonsense tactical designs for demanding outdoor and emergency situations

Folding Blade Knives by Gerber Legendary Blades

Gerber folders feature the same quality construction and ruggedness that are built in to the company’s fixed blade designs. Many Gerber folding knives are folding versions of their original fixed blade ancestors.

• Like their fixed blade relatives, Gerber’s knives offers folders in the Freeman and Gator Families along with others

• Gerber’s Magnum line feature durable, light blades designed to function as hunting knives

• Gerber folders like the Presto, Crusader, Paraframe, Ridge, Stockman and Truss are excellent for everyday use

• Fire and Rescue knives like the E-Z Out and the Torch

feature serrated edges to saw through seat belts, ropes and other restrictions, blunt tips to avoid accidental punctures, and (often) brightly colored handles for easy identification in dim light situations

Gerber Knives also makes many functional sheaths, multi-tools, kitchen cutlery, axes, emergency blades and others items that help make this company’s product line more extensive than most of its competitors.

In addition to making quality fixed blade knives, we produce several lines of pocket knives and in other configurations. Like their cousins, Gerber folding knives have a reputation for utility and toughness that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Gerber also makes many functional sheaths, camp tools, emergency blades and others that help make this company’s product line one of the most extensive one ever.

Razor Sharp Knives is proud to offer Gerber pocket knives to our customers, especially for those who love the outdoors. For more information on knives visit http://www.razorsharpknives.com.

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