Fishing Tackle Box Necessities

To give yourself a chance at any sport you must have the right equipment. Fishing is no different. Most people assume all you need to fish is a rod, line, reels and some bait. Oh, that it were that simple. Your tackle box holds your “bag of tricks” for fishing. And a well prepared tackle box can make all the difference during a fishing adventure.

If you have just started fishing, your tackle box will look very different from the tackle box of an experienced angler – probably a lot more empty space. However, it takes years of experimentation before you put together the perfect tackle box. As long as you have a basic kit in your tackle box, you can build on it.

First, you need the actual box. The best kind is one made of hard plastic. Do not pick a box that is too heavy though, as this will only cause you problems hauling it around during your trip. It is important that the box has a good latch to keep your fishing resources from falling out at the most inopportune times.

The next items to purchase include a large supply of hooks of various sizes, fishing line, and weights. Make it a point to get the correct line for the type of fishing you intend to do. Also make sure you pack a spare reel – you may need it.

Weights are needed to sink your bait to the bottom of the water. Weights can be made from different metals, but never buy lead weights. These are highly toxic and can kill fish and other wildlife.

You also need a variety of lures. Lures come in many appealing shapes, sizes, and colors. Different fish are attracted to different lures. You will get to know through trial-and-error which are best for which types of fish. Some fishermen prefer to make their own lures. This may be an approach that interests you as well.

Additional fishing accessories can also be useful, but don’t buy something for the novelty value. Make sure you can get usability value from it. You can find out all the information you need about various fishing equipment from a fishing shop.

Also remember to take a map with you so you can either locate a preferred fishing spot or find a new one. It is also beneficial to take simple first aid supplies in a small compartment in your tackle box. Nothing too fancy is needed if you are just starting out; just a few band aids and some disinfectant. However keep the latter away from your bait!

By following these basic tips, you will be well on your way to creating a first class fishing tackle box.

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