Fire Sticks Are Essential Camping Goods

When summer arrives our thoughts turn to the great outdoors and how we need to get away. It’s time to compose our thoughts and forget our worries and take advantage of one of the oldest forms of relaxation. Camping is also one of the cheaper ways of getting away on vacation and a camping trip does not have to use up a lot of your hard earned resources and money. Just make sure that you do not forget the fire sticks!When preparing for that camping adventure ” and this may be your first time ” temper your sense of enthusiasm with a little bit of reality. As the Boy Scout movement teaches you ” be prepared. In addition to the obvious things like shelter, you must also be prepared to provide life-sustaining basics ” such as fire.If planning an overnight in the wilderness you will always need to light a fire and not just during times of inclement weather or during the off-season. For example, you often want to have hot water available or need a source of heat for cooking. To enable you to get that flame going you should carry fire sticks.

Fire sticks are specially designed to work in an adverse environment, even if they are wet or have been submerged in water for an extended period. Non-toxic and odorless, the sticks will give you a good flame for an ample amount of time to allow you to tend to your requirements.

Waterproof fire sticks are great for lighting campfires but they can also be used at your backyard barbecue or even to equip your fireplace indoors. When on the go they will fit into your backpack and take up very little room.

Fire sticks generally come in packs of 12 and are very cost effective. You can, for example even break them in half to double their value. Lighting a fire need only cost you a few cents each time and the stick will last up to 10 minutes enabling you to get wood or other kindling together to establish a good base.

Whilst you may not want a campfire, you will still need a source of heat for food and water. Place a stick beneath your pan and wait for it to warm to the desired temperature, but don’t forget that for purified water you will need to bring it to a boil first.

Whilst you can make fire using two sticks rubbed together, as in the old days, this is a great deal of work and can be frustrating. Don’t forget to put your fire sticks into your backpack before you leave home

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