Fall Trout Fishing

As the summer winds to an end, it’s time to begin to focus our attention on fall trout fishing. For me, fall is my favorite time to fish. The rivers and streams are a lot less crowded, and in many parts of the country, trout are “stocking” up before the truly cold weather starts. It has always seemed to me that the fall is the best time to not only catch numbers of trout, but also large trout. I know that most of my truly large trout have been caught during the fall fishing season. On rivers and streams, at least in the western United States, catching trout in the winter can be difficult because of the cold weather. This is why I like to focus my efforts on fishing in the fall, before the trout’s’ metabolism slows down and they become much less active.
One of my favorite techniques for fall trout fishing is to use live worms rigged on a gang hook rig. A gang hook rig is simply a set of pre-tied gang hooks attached to your line using a small barrel swivel. This is how it’s done: Start by taking the end of your line and tying on a small barrel swivel. Now, tie a set of pre-tied gang hooks to the opposite end of the barrel swivel. At this point add a couple of split shot sinkers above the barrel swivel (the number and size of split shot will vary with current flow) for weight. Now rig a live worm onto your gang hooks (if the worms are really large, simply pinch them in ½).
That’s the gang hook rig. Now cast that rig into the current, close your bail, and let the offering flow naturally with the current. The goal is to have the rig bounce off of the bottom as it flows naturally with the current until it’s directly below you in the current (at this point the drift is over). The number of split shot will vary depending on current flow. With a little practice, telling the difference between bottom and bites will become simple, and you’ll begin catching a lot of trout. The rig that I just described is deadly when fishing for trout in the fall of the year.
If you want to have an extremely effective and practical way to carry your worms while fishing in this manner, just check out The Original Bait Bag. I’ve personally been using some manifestation of a bait bag for more than 20 years, and can’t imagine fishing with live worms without one. The amount of time it saves the average angler in remarkable. The bottom line is that the techniques revealed in this article will make any fall trout fishing excursion much more successful.


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