Evaluating Girl Scouts of America summer camps

Camp America

Last summer I made the desicion to travel from my home country of Scotland (UK) to work at a girl scout camp in Virginia (USA).

I would have to say that working there was one of the best and most memoral experiences of my life.

Finishing my second year at university I decided that it was time for a new challenge and seeing an advert for “Camp America” I decided that working with children for the summer was just for me! I enjoy working with kids and love visiting america so this was going to be the best summer of my life.

In June, after going through numerous applications and applying for a visa, I was sitting on a plane to New York City! I was so excited, but scared that I wouldn’t get on with anyone and would end up alone for 3 months.

When I got to New York I had to go on an eight hour train ride to arrive in Virginia to go to my camp, where I met three other camp america participants going to the same camp as me.

At camp, I had to participate in a weeks worth of intensive training and met loads of american and british girls who I got on with really well. There was around 30 staff members at my camp and everyone got on with everyone else, it was like a home away from home!

When the kids arrived the next again week we were all ready and prepared for every possibility. The kids were awesome! and most went out of their way to help and be polite. We done loads of different activities, such as kayaking, surfing, swimming and arts and crafts. We also got to take the kids on day trips to some of the local theme parks and sport centers. It was great.

The majority of the summer was taken up by residential camp, where we all definitely became attached to some of the kids, especially those who were there every week of the summer.

The last two weeks were day camp and the staff started to leave person by person, it was upsetting, especcially for the british staff as we knew that we may never see some of these people again after spending 9 weeks together day and night.

At the very last day of day camp, it was even worse, as everyone (including all the kids) left and it was only the 7 british staff and the camp director left.

For anyone sending their child to a girl scout camp, from experience I have found that the staff are all very dedicated to the kids and I definitely miss seeing all their faces every day.

And for anyone who wants to work at a summer camp, I would say, Go for it! it will be the best experience of your life and you will meet friends that you will keep for life.

Summer Camp
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