Evaluating Boy Scouts of America Summer Camps

Loading up the car with sleeping bags, backpacks, pillows, clothing, hiking sticks, and Boy Scout Guidebooks makes for the perfect beginnings of heading off to Camp Ingawanis. Camp Ingawanis is our local Boy Scout Council camp that my son and I have enjoyed for the past three years. The adventure that summer camp provides is something that every boy in American should experience. Not only are the friendships cherished, but the brain is challenged throughout the week.

Boy Scouts are eager to accomplish their first Merit Badge of the week! From lifesaving, swimming, leatherworks, camping, emergency preparedness, motor boating, fishing, shotgun shooting, to nature the boys are pumped. Through hard work, determination, and a drive to earn Merit Badges these campers are excited to over achieve throughout their week. The usual camp critters do pop in to visit once in a while, but the smart Boy Scouts will not have any food in their tents. Raccoons have been known to check out a few of our troop tents over the years. As Boy Scouts, we do respect our surroundings by remembering that many critters live in the area we set up our tents.

Boy Scout Camp - Noel, MO

The campfires are awesome! What boy would not love to sit around a campfire with a s’more in hand along with a few ghostly tales? Evening provides a great time for stargazing and an awesome opportunity for the boys to work on the Astronomy merit badge. Camping out under the stars ,surrounded by thousands of trees, provides ample time for any outdoor activity that a boy may not be able to take part in while at home. No camping trip would be complete withou a game of “Capture the Flag.” Boys of all ages enjoy the fun of running around in the dark.

Mealtime can be ultimate chaos! Most boys know that there will be ample food for all and they will learn quickly to not be picky! Camp is a busy place and calories are burned quickly. Therefore, mealtime becomes a time when fueling the body is a necessity. By day number two most boys have learned the system within the dining hall and the organized chaos falls into place. A sigh of relief from the adult leaders once the boys have eaten and cleaned up their area. Another meal, literally, under the belts!

There are not many places that boys can be boys anymore. Being allowed to sleep in a tent, participate in a friendly game of dodge ball, participate in a belly flop contest, and shoot a rifle are just icing on the cake for the whole Boy Scout Camping Experience! Camp Ingawanis has so much to offer, more than most boys can imagine! When it comes time to take down the tents a sense of accomplishment flows through the campsite, along with reflections of all of the fun that the boys had all week! Another year of Boy Scout Camp all packed up into one medium sized tent.

Not only do the boys have an awesome experience while at Boy Scout Camp, but as an adult I have enjoyed myself immensely. I have built new friendships and I have even learned about numerous constellations in the sky that I never knew existed! Boy Scouting provides the most awesome summer camp experience that any boy could ever want! Check with your local Boy Scouting office and see what your local council has to offer, as every boy should have the opportunity to experience Boy Scout summer camp. The life skills that are learned at camp will be used for the rest of their lives! Nobody can ever take the knowledge away from any scout that was obtained while at summer camp. What are you waiting for? Head on down to your local Boy Scout office and register your son for Boy Scout summer camp for the camping experience of a lifetime.

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