Essential gear for day hikes – Part 14

Day hikes are a wonderful way to spend time in the outdoors and to get lots of good exercise. Some of the things you may want to consider for day hikes differ from that on long camping adventures. A lot of the materials are the same but in smaller quantities. Items that you will want to include on taking will vary from day-to-day trips but a general list is always a good place to start.

Here a few essential things that you will definitely want to include in your pack:

-cell phone

*emergencies and accidents can happen at anytime, it never hurts to be prepared


*maps, compass, and if you can afford one or borrow one a GPS unit


*water is the best thing for hydration, take plenty of it with you, even more if you are hiking in the heat of the summer.


*small light snacks are usually the way to go, light snacks that won’t settle really heavy in your stomach are much preferred


*a small first-aid kit with some essential items will come in handy for small cuts and scrapes. Band-aids, antiseptic, aspirin, gauze and tape are a few items you may want to carry in your kit.

-extra clothes

*be sure to watch the weather before you go on your hike. Start by dressing appropriately, if there is a chance for rain packing a light rain jacket with help keep you dry.

-bug spray

*bug spray will definately help keep some of the insects from ruining your day. mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects may care disease and just plain be a hindering to enjoying the outdoors.


*early morning and late evening hikes where the sun is low and cutting into your eyes. Always a good idea to have something to help from getting headaches caused by squinting in bright light situations.


*even in the thick woods on a a hot sunny day the sun will still get to you. Be prepared.

That’s a starting list to pack for your everyday day hike. Adding and subtracting items to better suit your needs is always something each person does on their own. But that list will help you have a great idea on where to start so that you may better enjoy the outdoors.

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