Don’t Rely on your Voice, Use the Howler Whistle

The rescue howler whistle is not like a conventional whistle and was designed specifically for a purpose. Whilst it is always greatly recommended that you carry a full survival kit when you go out on an adventure, you can purchase the whistle independently these days should you wish. Always have something in the event of an emergency.

Recently a story emerged about a young guy who became lost in a forest. He was eventually found, but almost by chance as the searching party did not hear him yelling for attention even though he could hear them in the distance. It seemed certain that if he had been carrying a howler whistle he would have been heard and rescued sooner.

The howler whistle is very loud and has been tested to as much as 122 dB. It is so effective because it is not traditional — there are no “peas” within and it will work perfectly well if wet, as you just need to shake the water out.

The howler whistle can be heated over a mile away. When it was being designed, a distinctive sound was created and the unit emits a triple frequency to make sure it can be heard above all other noises.

Rescue personnel could find a howler whistle to be very advantageous when searching for lost people. In addition, anyone who sets out into the great outdoors in pursuit of a hobby should make sure that they carry one, be they canoeist, rafter, boater, kayaker, hiker.

Think of the people who are employed in search and rescue positions as well as yourself and your companions when you set out into the wilderness. Always be prepared.

Anyone who is serious about their pastime will tell you that you must be adequately prepared, as you never know what’ll happen. Murphy’s Law is very real and will surely come into effect if you are not prepared adequately. You should carry a howler whistle at the very minimum when you set out. You may pride yourself in the strength of your voice and sing for the local choir, but you should never rely on being able to yell loud enough to attract the attention of would-be rescuers. The howler whistle is specifically designed for this purpose.

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