Different Types of Camping Tents P1

There are three basic types of camping tents: those that leak, those that let the mosquitoes in, and those pesky ones you can’t set up at all. Be prepared to bring a tent that leaks along on your trip. You’ve waited all year for your hard-earned vacation week, and it is sure to rain in buckets. Most camping tents feature mesh screens; it turns out these are simply for ventilation, and not even intended to ‘screen’ out insects. Remember: the more remote, rugged, or secluded your campsite is, the more varieties of hungry indigenous insects. The seasoned camper won’t even bother to zip the tent, he just bathes in “Deep Woods Off” before he sets out. Finally, what fun would a camping trip be without the humorous attempt at setting up that silly tent? Ropes, pegs, bungees, and all the associated equipment are sure to give everyone a good laugh, promote team spirit, and facilitate bonding between campers. It’s probably the most important function of the tent. You have a sleeping bag, after all. The tent, no matter what the type, is the icing on the bivouac cake.

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