Choosing The Right Camping Tent

Camping tents are available in a wide selection of styles, shapes, and sizes. Choosing the right one can be a difficult decision until you consider your specific camping needs and a number of other factors that will help you to determine the best model for you.

First, you should think about the types of camping trips you will take most often. If you will be visiting standard campgrounds and parks with your family most of the time, the most important factors in choosing the right tent will be space and comfort, as well as ventilation and extra features. If you plan to do a lot of backpacking and will usually carry all your gear, you will want to consider the tent’s weight above all else. You will also want to think of the size or how much space it requires and its durability.

When choosing a family camping tent, you will want to have enough space for everyone to live comfortably, especially on extended camping trips. Consider the number of people who will be staying in the tent as well as any other camping gear or personal items you will need to store inside it. The Coleman Exponent Inyo 2 Tent is ideal for a comfortable camping trip for 2 adults. It features lots of extra storage space and, like all the Exponent tents, offers plenty of headroom for a comfortable camping trip.

If you plan to camp with children, a cabin style tent may be more appropriate. These tents are designed as their name implies with plenty of headroom, large doors and windows, and lots of space. Multi-room tents allow you to easily divide the tent into separate sleeping areas for mom and dad and for the kids. If you will be camping with older children, you may opt for two separate tents. Children require a small amount of space and will be comfortable in a small tent. Coleman carries a great line of camping products designed especially for kids, including tents.

If you will be using your tent for backpacking, look for a lightweight tent that provides enough space and can be set up easily in a tight area. Dome style tents are generally compact and offer great stability in strong winds and rain. Solo tents are extremely lightweight and the ideal size for sleeping. Most tents are constructed of nylon, but you will want to be sure to purchase a nylon tent for backpacking because of its lightness.

Once you have decided what size tent will best suit your needs and have an idea of what style you plan to purchase, you should consider the craftsmanship and quality of the tent. Check the stitching and the seams of the tent. A high quality tent usually uses reinforced stitching and may feature inverted seams to minimize the risks of rips. Also test the zippers to ensure that they move freely and seem sturdy. Inspect the materials used for windows and doors, especially mesh that may tear more easily. Also check the durability of the tent’s floor and the stakes and tie-downs used to set up the tent. Coleman is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, long-lasting tents and camping gear.

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