Catfish Tackle Preparation Be Successful

Do you enjoy going catfish fishing? Many anglers do. In fact, catfish is one of the most popular species of fish there is. They taste great and they can put up one heck of a battle that will certainly give you a run for your money. However, the one thing that you don’t want to do is go catfish fishing unprepared. If you do, you will end up regretting it.

Catfish may be one of the most sought after fish there is but they can also be one of the hardest to catch. If you are not prepared when you go out, you will either not get any bites or you will not be able to reel them in. Catfish will put up one powerful fight and weak equipment will simply not get the job done.

Plus, they can be some really giant sizes that will be hard to pull in. Therefore, before you go catfish fishing you need to be prepared. This way you can show friends and family the giant cat you caught instead of telling the story about how he got away.

Preparing Your Tackle Box

When you are getting things ready to go catfish fishing the tackle box is a very important item. Therefore, you should start by preparing your tackle box. Most likely you have collected quite a bit of tackle throughout the years. You probably have a favorite fishing rod, reel and even lures that you prefer using everytime you go out. Now you need to take all of this equipment and organize it.

The first thing that you will need is a good strong tackle box. If you need to go out and buy one then pick something a little bigger than you think you would need. This will give you room for growth and adding to your box later on. The main requirement of a tackle box is durability. It needs to be strong, rust proof and waterproof. However, keep in mind that if water can seep in through the cracks of the box, then it needs to have removable parts. This way you can open it up and let everything dry out to prevent your gear from molding.

Another thing that you must consider is whether or not you will be carrying your tackle box around with you. For instance, if you do a lot of shore fishing, then it needs to be lightweight. If you always go out on the same boat fishing, then it really doesn’t matter if the box is heavy. Tackle boxes are designed with compartments so you can separate your lures and hooks according to size and shape. This makes it easy to get to the right tackle you need for the size of catfish you are trying to catch. This is an important factor because you need to choose your tackle according to the size of the cats in the body of water that you are fishing.

If you fish in both saltwater and freshwater, then it is recommended that you prepare two separate tackle boxes. Saltwater catfish fishing requires different types of gear than freshwater fishing does. By having two separate boxes you won’t have to waste time fumbling through one box trying to find the items you need. It is simply more convenient and organized having two tackle boxes.

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