Camping With Your Pooch in France

Dogs love the great outdoors so next time you’re planning to go camping in France why not take your dog along? These top tips will ensure that your camping holiday really is something to bark about:

Whether you’re planning a trip in the dog days of summer or the howling frost of winter, camping in France with man’s best friend opens you up to all sorts of unique experiences. A canine companion will allow you to discover interesting scenery that you may have otherwise overlooked and enjoy the French countryside at a much slower and more rewarding pace.

Certain dogs and owners are more tightly knit than others and most campsites will specify that only ‘well-behaved’ mutts are permitted on their premises. Therefore, you may want to invest in some dog obedience classes before you book your trip camping in France.

If you’re travelling from the UK then you’ll first need to arrange a pet passport. In order to do this all your dog’s vaccinations must be up to date and he should have received the relevant shots for rabies. Your pet must have also been micro-chipped and be up to date with all his tick and worm treatments.

Once all the preparations are complete, you’ll be ready to set off on your camping holiday. However, there are few items that will make your trip so much easier. Your dog will need special bedding in order to prevent him from catching chills from the tarpaulin on the ground. Bringing your dog’s favorite basket from home is a great way to comfort your dog, as he will instantly recognize it as somewhere to sleep.

Whilst some longer haired breeds such as German Shepherds are more than happy in cooler climes, dogs with thinner coats are somewhat less adept. Therefore, if you’re hiking in colder areas of France, such as the Pyrenees, it is advisable to pack your dog a winter jacket. You should ensure that your dog has fresh drinking water regularly available; allowing your dog to drink from a lake isn’t an option as the water may be dirty or contaminated. You should bring your dog’s regular food from home, but ensure that it is kept in an airtight package to deter bears and rodents.

Now you’ve packed everything you need, you can really start to enjoy your time camping in France. If it’s your dogs first time camping, it’s advisable to take your trip nice and slow. If your dog is used to walking next to busy roads then walking in verdant forests is likely to be a new and exciting experience for him. Therefore, give him some time to adjust to his new surroundings. Allowing your pooch to explore the area at his own pace is integral for the development of muscle strength, which will come in very useful if you are planning on undertaking lots of walking whilst camping in France.

The pleasure you will get from taking your dog camping in France is simply unmeasureable, and at the end of holiday it’s likely that your canine companion will have gained as much from the experience as you have.

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