Camping with the Kids

Camping can be a very exciting activity for the children. It is often regarded by parents as an opportunity to bond with their kids during the weekends. Moreover, it will also be an opportunity to teach your kids new things about the environment and some life skills. You can develop team work and cooperation between your children while camping.

However, you should note that bringing your kids out to camp is not just a matter of pure fun and excitement. Rather, it brings certain responsibilities. To make sure that you can make the most out of your aspired camping experience, below are some tips that you should apply.

Involve your children in your plans…

Make sure that your children are involved in planning for the camping activity. Let them play a part in choosing the camping site. However, as they make the choice, make sure that you explain to them the activities that they can do and the kind of environment that awaits them in their chosen camping ground.

Let them decide the camping activities.  Aside from letting the kids choose the camp site, let them decide the camping activities that all of you will engage in. Choose camp games and activities that are quite exciting, entertaining, informative, and educational. Also, make sure that each of your children has camp responsibilities that fit their age and actual capabilities. You can ask them to help with the cooking, cleaning, or collecting firewood based on their capability.

Let them pack their own bags.  Let your children pack their own things for the camping trip. However, you should provide them with a basic checklist in order to make sure that they will not forget to bring all the necessary tools and equipment needed. Also, you should double check their bags before you set out for your camping adventure.

Do a dry run in your own back yard.  If your children are going out to camp for the first time, it will be best if you do a test camp out in your own backyard. Aside from the fact that such can be a good bonding activity as well, this will help you assess whether your children are really ready for an outdoor camping activity.

Teach them about basic camping rules.  Before you bring your children to the campsite, make sure that they are well aware of the basic camping rules. This will not only keep them safe. Instead, such will also keep you and your kids out of harm’s way. Tell them where exactly are they allowed to play and run around, what time is the curfew, what their tasks are, and other rules and regulations

Pack emergency first aid kits.  Never forget to bring emergency first aid kits for yourself and the children. Be aware of the fact that since children are quite playful and sometimes careless, they are highly at risk for a wide variety of potential dangers out in the camping site.

Assign partners or buddies.  If you are planning to bring four or more children, assign partners or buddies. Explain to them that they are tasked to look after each other and they are supposed to watch out for each other at all times. This can help you manage your young companions a lot easier.

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