Camping Tips: Quick and Easy Meals for the Camp Stove – P1

Few people who have been camping will disagree that food always seems to taste better out in camp. Whether it is because of the fresh air, the additional exercise, or the company you have with you, is not that important. However, nobody wants to spend a great deal of time over the camp stove trying to create a masterpiece in culinary cuisine.

Thankfully, there are many quick and easy meals you can cook on the camp stove.

It is important to note that people not used to cooking on gas or white gas heat tend to either cook everything too hot or too cold. This is natural, and you shouldn’t kick yourself if you do it, simply learn from the experience.

* Use what you can from where you are. If you are in fishing camp, the fish that are caught can be a quite easy quick meal on the camp stove. For instance, trout dredged in flour or catfish fillets dipped in scrambled egg then dredged in flour will cook quickly over low heat. If you had the foresight to bring lemon juice with you, or perhaps even some dill, this is a feast in the making before you even catch the fish.

Just sprinkle a little dill over the fish, add a small squirt of lemon juice, and this will go well with almost anything, even if it is used for breakfast. Adding sliced tomato over the fish is a nice touch, and it can help if you didn’t bring dill or lemon juice.

The point is to use what you have available. Lemon grass, watercress, wild ginger, wild garlic, wild onion, and anise all grow naturally in many locations. These can all be used for seasonings or side dishes. For instance, though fish don’t take long to cook, it doesn’t take long to chop up a bunch of watercress for a salad to go with dinner, either.

* When possible, prepare ahead of time. There are many meals which can prepared before going camping. One great idea is to have a stock of “boil-in-a-bag meals. These homemade items taste great, and can deal with even picky eaters, yet they are very quick and easy meals to make on the camp stove. All you need besides the meal is the stove, a pot, and some water. In less than a half hour, you can be eating a wonderful meal with very little effort done in preparing it since the effort was done long ago. Talk about a great way to use leftovers!

Hamburger stew is also a favorite in camp and it is easy and quick to make. In a large pot, simply brown some hamburger, and then add water until the pot is about half

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