Camping Tips and Advice for Amateurs

Suppose it is your first time, how will you go about it? How will you cope with the cold out there if your first camp site happens to be on a snowy hillside? Or what about the creepy crawlies that might come along if you’re camping on the beach? These are daunting questions for camping beginners. Perhaps a few tips on how to go along the way into helping camping beginners and understand on how to go about unprecedented tragedies. Different people will always have different tastes and preferences when it comes to doing something for fun while on holiday. For others, camping out is the ultimate choice. However, this is usually marred with challenges that may not be easy on a beginner. Being in the cold and setting up your tents is probably the biggest challenge that comes with it. Let’s take a look at some camping tips for amateurs and what they probably need to know before embarking on their first camping expedition.

Budget appropriately

An outdoor adventure is usually full of fun, thrills and extra-ordinary experiences. However, camping out for a week or two would require one to have a clear plan for the whole duration. For a beginner, this is probably a big challenge and especially about budgeting for the days you will be out there. Situations could get out of hand and one would need essential supplies like food, first aid kits and medicine. This means a successful camping expedition would be that where everything is well budgeted for. As a beginner, you need to carry with you enough food. Energy rich food stuff such as energy drinks, beans, oatmeal and cereals would be ideal. Remember to take a cooler for food storage and some match sticks to help you with lighting fire.

Personal care

Camping out for a week would mean, you need to take some personal effects to see you through successfully. Essentially, you should take with you a torch with a few extra batteries should your source of light such a lantern lamp runs out of fuel. Hot conditions may just rid you of your lamp’s fuel. You will also need to carry a tent that is big enough to ensure that you have well covered place to sleep by night. Also, as a beginner, it will be important to take a few extra clothes to change which includes enough sweaters or jackets, and socks to prevent you from getting cold.

Adventure equipment

An outdoor adventure without fun would be a horrible one. For this reason and as a beginner, you will need to take hiking and skating equipment if you are bound to camp on a snowy hillside. Keeping warm at night is essential and you should take a quality sleeping bag. Don’t forget to take an insect repellant. Also, remember to take a few dishes and pans for preparing your meals.

What if your destined campsite is in a foreign land like Turkey? Turkish visas would be mandatory. The adventure awaits you 🙂

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