Camping Made Easy – the Tube Tent

A camping trip should be a lot of fun and whilst you need to be sure that you have all the essentials that you will require, you also don’t want to feel as if you’re being tired out by all the stuff that you have to lug around. A trip into the great outdoors should be enjoyable from start to finish, but it won’t be if you feel tired out after only the first few miles.

When most people think about a camping expedition, the first thing that comes to mind is where are we going to sleep at night? This is of course a fundamental worry as our bodies and minds are used to the thought of coming back from a day of activities to a trusted and secure place to rest. We can’t get by without a period of rejuvenation so it is understandable that this is one of our first concerns. To put your mind at rest, simply pack the tube tent within your gear.

The tube tent is the answer to your concerns if you are worried about having a versatile, safe, yet lightweight place to bed down for the night during a camping trip. This type of tent is one of the most common forms of emergency shelter included with survival kits and chosen by regular outdoor trippers.

If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, shelter is at hand as the tube tent is very easy to set up, made from lightweight and tough materials. If you find that you are lost, note that the tent is made from a bright color so it will stand out well, enabling rescuers to see where you are; you can even use it as a signal. As many outdoor adventures take place in heavily forested areas, the item will definitely stand out against a regular forest background.

If you find that you need to maintain a campfire overnight due to inclement weather or to keep away wild animals, not that tube tents are fire retardant as well as being waterproof. Bed down for the night and be protected from the elements as well as being safe.

The beauty of a tube tent is that it is very easy to erect. Unlike other types of tent you will not need several poles. Just tie a nylon rope from one end to the other and erect the tent. It is that simple and you can have your sleeping quarters ready to go within minutes.

Traveling with two people on a camping expedition is a great deal of fun and you can share the burden equally by packing appropriately but likely. For example, note that the tube tent has enough room for two people to sleep within, so you will not need a tent each. The tent itself folds into a very lightweight package as well.

You don’t want to find out that your tube tent has been damaged and is no good at the end of the first of a multi-night camping trip. They are very resilient but will not last for ever so when you’re picking one out, make sure that it has been designed of quality material and will resist accidental tears as much as possible.

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