Camping in RVs Versus Tents

When you finally decide on going camping, the next step is figuring out what type of camping you would want to do, either camping in a tent or choosing to stay in an RV.   It all depends on how you feel, whether you want to rough it on the ground or stay comfortable in an RV.  Both choices have their pros and cons.  For some people it’s not as easy as just flipping a coin, some may think staying in an RV isn’t really camping, while others feel like staying in a tent will just keep you up and unable to sleep.

Cost can be a factor to choosing either option.  If you are on a budget, purchasing or even renting tents, sleeping bags, and other accessories that you may need to “rough it” can be much, much cheaper than buying or renting an RV.  If you go camping on a regular-basis, however, an RV can be a good investment since it can get you from A to B pretty well and most of the necessities already come with it.

RVs are great for those who absolutely need comfort when they go camping.  It gives you the luxury of being at home in campgrounds.  RVs have beds, power, showers, running water, pretty much all the necessities of home.  Some RVs even have extensions and “patio” areas that help make it feel even more like home.  It is also great if you want to go on long trips and/or if you choose to travel with others.  You have the chance to stretch out your legs around the RV instead of stopping at rest stops to do so.

Camping in tents have the “ultimate camping experience”.  Most people believe that camping is a way to get away from all the technologies and luxury of home.  It is an “escape” to most people and a chance to enjoy nature and appreciate what we all have.  There are now mats you can sleep in in tents, or even bigger tents that are able to fit at least six people and still have room for a communal area!

Like previously stated, it all depends on the type of camper.  Figure out which type of accommodation suits you and your group best and it can mean the difference between having an enjoyable time and a disastrous experience.

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