Campfire Cooking

Meal break for teamsters and horses

Cooking on the campfire has for many years been a popular way to cook great-tasting food with a minimum of hassle. It’s quite a tradition for families to pack coolers with burgers and steaks and get ready to grill them on an open fire. The taste of food cooked on the flames can be exquisite, and many people from all walks of life enjoy it. Today, the kind of camping activity isn’t much different than the kind done in the past, and while some people have replaced the campfire with modern stoves or other implements, nothing can really compare to an open fire. That’s why it’s remained popular despite its very ancient roots. People are using the campfire to cook an ever-larger assortment of foods and finding different ways to do it.

Our very distant ancestors probably discovered the virtues of cooking on the campfire when they realized that the taste of their food could be improved when it was heated and cooked. It wasn’t much of a leap from there to hold food over the fire to cook it, and that’s where campfire cooking came from. It probably took many attempts and failures before the practice became well-established, and eventually people worked out the best way to do it. Since then, campfire cooking has become a lot more sophisticated, while staying true to its roots. Nowadays it’s possible to cook all sorts of different meats, steam vegetables, and boil water to cook other foods over the fire. Whole meals can be prepared on the flames.

Gourmet Campfire Cooking

Really, almost any kind of food can be prepared in the outdoors. It’s just a matter of knowing how. But the best part is that it’s not hard to do at all. Some flame-cooked foods are so delicious they would have a gourmet chef salivating—and they take very little effort to prepare. On campgrounds today, it wouldn’t be out of the question to whip up a delicious filet mignon with an accompaniment of stuffed potatoes. People are learning how to steam vegetables on the campfire and how to give meat that perfect charred taste. It’s not going to be long before many more people discover how versatile the simple campfire really is for cooking.

There’s been a big evolution in cooking on the fire. An exciting development in the art of campfire cuisine has been preparing deserts, not just main courses. You can make tasty cherries jubilee as well as a number of other delicious deserts using the flames. Campfire cooking is no longer only the domain of seasoned campers “roughing it.” It’s going to become a lot more mainstream in the future, and it will beckon those with gourmet inclinations to try some new recipes. It will be interesting to see how the cuisine evolves even further than it has already.

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