California and the Nearby National Parks

California is one of the states that counts with vast amounts of natural resources and because of that the local government has established several areas that need to be kept as a local and national treasure that will stand as our legacy for future generations, these areas are known as national parks.

California counts with numerous monuments and national parks which share a common characteristics such as giant trees, breathtaking mountains, beautiful waterfalls and the incredible silence that makes visitors feel in touch with nature. Some of California’s national parks are:

— The Channel Islands national Park  (Ventura)
— Death Valley national Park (Death Valley)
— Joshua tree national Park (Southern California – Twentynine Palms)
— Lassen volcanic national Park (Mineral)
— Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park (Richmond)
— San Francisco Maritime historical national Park (San Francisco)
— Sequoia and Kings Canyon national Park (Fresno, Tulare in the southern part of Sierra Nevada)
— Yosemite national park (Sierra Nevada)

Among the national parks that we can’t mention there are three that deserve special mention, not just because of their vast resources but because of their contrast, peculiar characteristics and because they are so close to each other, those are: the Death Valley national Park, Yosemite national Parkand the Sequoia national Park.

Death Valley

This national park spans between California and Nevada and its signature characteristics are the dry heat, sand dunes, about 3 million acres of multicolored rock wilderness and even snowcapped mountains. The best times to visit the death Valley are usually during winter and spring time this is because the weather is a lot cooler and visitors are able to appreciate the natural beauties without getting dehydrated.  Most people would advise not to visit death Valley during the summer because it is extremely hot.

Sequoia national Park

This national Park is often referred to as the land of giants, it is a place where everyone at some point will feel small next to the enormous mountains, deep canyons and yes, the world’s largest trees. Because of the different elevations in different parts of the park the climate changes, this is a characteristic that allows visitors to enjoy the Sequoia national Park during any season.

Yosemite national Park

The most amazing characteristic of Yosemite is that it is mostly wilderness in other words, this is a place where you can truly become one with nature and learn to appreciate the incredible natural Granite boulders that make Yosemitea truly unique place. Describing the greatness of this park can be a very hard thing to do because words cannot express the beauty of nature.  This part can be visited during any season but they prepare for very cool temperatures during fall and winter.

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