Best Spring Hikes in the Northeast

Spring 09 Nature Park Hike

Have you ever thought that you could at the top of a 60 foot waterfall? Without traveling for days? Well if you have then do I have the place for you! Located about 6 miles outside of the small town of Gowanda, NY, is Zoar Valley State Park. Home to many species of plants, trees, birds, an other various wildlife. Zoar Valley is definitely on my top 5 list for area hiking.

My favorite thing to do at Zoar Valley is hike and, swim. there are many miles of breath taking trails that wind their way threw out the 700 plus park. Although there are trails they are not marked so please use caution when hiking here at Zoar. While hiking you will encounter many fascinating animals and plants,as well as many very interesting rock formations. At the end of the trail most traveled you will enter what seems to be a scene from a movie set in the jungle. Moss encrusted rocks and a 65 foot waterfall await you after your three and a half hour hike. Here in this heavenly spot there a natural spa type areas where the water has hollowed out a place where you and a couple of friends can kick back and have a cold beverage if you like. Or if you have allot of guts you can join the adrenaline junkies atop the waterfall and take a leap!(you won’t catch me up there). As far as I am concerned the trail most taken is the trail for me you should give it a try sometime if you are in the area.

Other activities you can have fun doing at Zoar Valley are white water rafting, camping, fishing, canoeing, or just plain out hanging out. Did I mention that it is also free to get into. well that’s all that I have to write for now, catch you later and don’t forget to stop by Zoar Valley State Park in Gowanda NY.

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