Best ice fishing destinations in the US

The best ice fishing destinations in the U.S. can be found in the northeast where the conditions are perfect for those fishing adventures out on the ice. And come winter, most of the more popular places are well stocked and waiting for you. There are too many great ice fishing places around the region to list them all, but the most popular ones include:

* Rhode Island: The waters of this region are heavily stocked with farm trout each year for those who enjoy ice fishing with a good chance for a good catch.

* Meadowbrook Pond, Rhode Island: Located in Richmond, this pond, along with others in the area, are stocked yearly with a variety of trout.

* Olney Pond, Rhode Island: A very nice place for ice fishing, this pond is rich with salmon and plenty of trout.

* Brownsville area of New Hampshire: A well-known ice fishing spot for bass, perch and salmon. Seboeis Lake has been said to give up lake trout up to four pounds or more.

* Northern area of New Hampshire: Home to several ice fishing ponds and lakes, you’ll find an abundance of bass and perch.

* Southwestern area in New Hampshire: Sure bet for trout, which are stocked every autumn. It’s six to seven miles north of Greenville and is also a popular spot for lake and brook trout.

* Lakes area of New Hampshire: Stocked every fall this is one of the most visited ice fishing spots with testimonies boasting huge rainbows and lots of lake trout.

* East area of New Hampshire: This heavily visited ice fishing spot doesn’t open until the first of February, but people flock to the 14,000 acre lake for its huge lunkers.

* Central area in New Hampshire: This area boasts quite an assortment of trout and has a good many visits by ice fishing enthusiasts.

* Lake Mattawa, New England: In the town of Orange off Route two, this spacious ice fishing spot is stocked with trout twice a year.

* Onota, New England- Known for its special brown trout, it’s among the most popular ice fishing destinations. However, there’s a fifteen-inch minimum-length limit.

* Onota Lake, New England: Located just outside Pittsfield, this is a well-known spot for ice fishing with easy access.

* Lake Nippenicket, New England: Located in Bridgewater, is several acres of ice fishing just west of route 24 by Hockomock Swamp.

* Hundred Acre Pond: This is a good place for pike and is said to have yielded trout upwards to thirty pounds, and more than forty inches.

* Caspian Lake in Vermont: This is another well-known hot spot for ice fishing and it’s stocked regularly with lakes, browns and rainbows.

* Lake Champlain in Vermont: Saving the best for last, this is quite possibly THE most popular ice fishing destination boasting a 585-mile shoreline and filled with just about every species. Anyone who enjoys ice fishing should visit Lake Champlain at least once.

Finally, those who go ice fishing regularly, understand the importance of checking with the local game wardens and other officials for ice conditions and weather updates before going out on the ice. Ice fishing is a great sport, but warrants a lot of caution for beginners.

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